Germany bound

We had a long drive ahead of us today. We were heading for Berlin, Germany. Along the way we stopped at Dresden. We did a short walking tour of the city. We looked at the Dresden’s Church of our Lady, which air-raiders wiped out during WWII. The rubble remained untouched until 1994 when they began to reconstruct it.

The Procession of Princes is a very impressive mural depicting a parade of Saxon princes and dukes. It commemorates the 1000 year long reign of the Wettin dynasty. It was originally painted and then reconstructed out of 25 000 porcelain tiles. It is also one of the few things that survived the bombings during the war.

We also had a look at Semper Opera. The opera house was built n 1841 and is built in the heart of Dresden. It was unfortunately destroyed by Allied bombing in 1945. After extensive reconstruction it was reopened in 1985. We were also lucky enough to see a military parade taking place in front of the Semper Opera.

For lunch we enjoyed a Currywurst, which is a fried pork sausage topped with a curry ketchup and served with chips. It was really good.

After that we hit the road again for a long journey to Berlin. Before checking in we did a driving tour of the city. We drove past the iconic Berlin Wall, which is amazing! I am looking forward to exploring more of Berlin tomorrow and looking at some of the many museums here.

To end of the day, we enjoyed a traditional pork knuckle dish and Caramelised Kaiserschmarrn Pancakes for dessert. The pork knuckle was good but very rich and the pancakes were delicious.

Until tomorrow… Auf Wiedersehen!

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  1. Aurette Sneyders says:

    I enjoy your travelogue and pics. I love the food in Germany. Lots to see today. So much history. ENJOY!! xx

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