Today we were able to wake up an hour later which was nice. We had our last breakfast in Budapest which was sad but also exciting. We packed our bags and hopped into our bus which would take us to Bratislava through Vienna. On our way to Vienna which is about 5 hours, we got […]

Austria to Czech Republic

Today was another travel day. We headed for Prague early this morning. Before crossing the border we stopped at Mauthausen Concentration Camp. We spent a long time wandering around. You were able to walk through various barracks and see how the prisoners used to live. You could walk through the infirmary and crematoriums where their […]

Ljubljana to Salzburg

We started our day with a delicious breakfast. Once we had eaten, we climbed aboard the bus and headed for Salzburg, Austria. Along the way we stopped at Lake Bled which is just before the Austrian border. It is so magical and picturesque. The lake is beautiful with a mountainous backdrop. In the middle of […]