Paris, I Louvre you

Today was my last day in Paris and the last day of my trip. Tomorrow I head home to Cape Town! It has been a wonderful holiday! I have been so spoilt to have seen all the amazing places I did.

This morning I went to the Louvre. Such a huge building with so many things to see. I started with the Mona Lisa before all the crowds came.

There was a lot of construction and restoration happening so there were also a few exhibits I didn’t get to see. The one I was really looking forward to was the Egyptian exhibition but typically it is closed on a Friday which I wasn’t aware of. I went through the Greek Antiquities and saw The Venus de Milo as well as The Winged Victory of Samothrace.

The Roman Antiquities room had so many Roman sculptures. The Louvre also houses 2 of Michelangelo’s sculptures. I was able to see some of Leonardo de Vinci’s paintings too.

The ceiling artwork is also amazing and so well done. It was wonderful walking around the Louvre and seeing such a lot of history from many years ago.

After that I did a lovely walk through the Tuileries Gardens again. There are a few sculptures that have bullet holes from the war which is absolutely amazing. I then enjoyed a Gelato that was to beautiful to eat. They shape it into a flower shape and I just had to add a macaroon. It was scrumptious!

After walking around some more I arrived at Place Colette. How cool! This cute little square leads to Palais Royale which has the most amazing gardens.

After that I headed to Le Village Royal which is usually the little lane covered with colourful umbrellas but unfortunately they were not up today.

I spent the rest of the afternoon wondering the streets of Paris before stopping for an early dinner. All packed and ready to go tomorrow. Over 27 000 steps later I think it is safe to say I walked Paris. Tonight I enjoyed a lovely glass of wine and a delicious French chocolate eclair. What a way to end my trip.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blogs and sharing this amazing journey with me. It has been an absolute blast and I look forward to doing it again sometime. Until then goodbye, ciao, dovidenja, nasvidenje, ahoj, auf wiedersehen, vaarwel and au revoir!

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  1. Aurette Sneyders says: Reply

    What a wonderful time you have had and you have shared it with many people back home. Collette have a safe journey home and we all look forward to seeing you on sunday. Lotsa luv xxxx I am going to miss your blog ……

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