Pool today

Last night I slept on the floor because our room was way to hot. We had slightly more breakfast time which was nice but we missed pancakes today. In the morning we went shopping for souvenirs which was cool. We went to Macdonald’s once again for lunch which is very healthy. After lunch we changed into costumes and went to the mall. This was only for a short stop before we moved to the pool. This was massive. There is a main pool, a smaller pool that you can play with toys. It also has a beach volleyball and table tennis and soccer. It was lots of fun.

Ended the day with supper from the same restaurant. Was very nice! No pictures today sorry. It’s bye for now!l

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  1. Aurette Sneyders says: Reply

    So nice to have time to swim especially as it is so hot. Enjoy today. Totsiens xx

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