Biking around Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a busy city. There are so many people and so many bikes. You have to be so careful walking around and have to check in all directions for any bicycles before crossing any street. This morning we did a bicycle tour around the streets and canals. I was a little nervous as I […]


We had a long drive to Amsterdam this morning. Leaving Berlin before 8am, we only arrived here after 4pm. The hotel we are staying in is amazing. Once we had settled in, we set out for an evening visit to Amsterdam city centre. We took the train into the city. Amsterdam Centraal station is huge […]

Exploring Berlin

Brandenburg Gate

What a busy day! We started with the Third Reich Walking Tour that takes you around Berlin. We saw the Brandenburg Gate which is a famous landmark symbolizing the division of Berlin and Germany during the Cold War. On top it has a very impressive sculpture representing the Goddess of Victory. The Riechstag was constructed […]

Germany bound

We had a long drive ahead of us today. We were heading for Berlin, Germany. Along the way we stopped at Dresden. We did a short walking tour of the city. We looked at the Dresden’s Church of our Lady, which air-raiders wiped out during WWII. The rubble remained untouched until 1994 when they began […]

Hot, hot and hotter

It was so nice to have a little lie in this morning before heading out to explore Prague. By 9 o’clock it was already 28 degrees and so we didn’t stay out too long. It reached a high of 36 degrees today and this evening it was still over 30, so rather warm. We took […]

Austria to Czech Republic

Today was another travel day. We headed for Prague early this morning. Before crossing the border we stopped at Mauthausen Concentration Camp. We spent a long time wandering around. You were able to walk through various barracks and see how the prisoners used to live. You could walk through the infirmary and crematoriums where their […]

Ljubljana to Salzburg

We started our day with a delicious breakfast. Once we had eaten, we climbed aboard the bus and headed for Salzburg, Austria. Along the way we stopped at Lake Bled which is just before the Austrian border. It is so magical and picturesque. The lake is beautiful with a mountainous backdrop. In the middle of […]

From Caves to Castles

After a good sleep we were rearing to go for our drive to Ljubljana, Slovenia. It was a bit of a cloudy morning and before long it started to rain. On the way we stopped at Postojna Caves. You take a 10 minute open train into the caves and then spend 1 hour walking though […]

Cloudy Pula

It was so nice to not have to rush out this morning and to enjoy a little lie in. We woke up to very overcast weather, knowing the rain was due sometime during the day. The weather forecast kept changing so it really was a waiting game. We headed for a local shopping mall to […]

Sunny Pula

Today we said goodbye to Venice and headed for sunny Pula, Croatia. After a long stop at the Slovenia and Croatian border we eventually crossed over in to Croatia. The scenery on the way to the Pula was just beautiful. It was so green with many vineyards. The drive today was really easy and not […]