Visas done – At the expense of many trees

It’s been an interesting journey getting our visas for the UK and Europe (Shenghen).  Having been through the process just once we’re in no position to start spewing advice.  However I have seen very few accounts of the process from a South African applicant’s perspective so perhaps we can assist in a small way. As […]

It’s getting real : Europe 2017

As the big date approaches, things have become very real, we’re going to be travelling to Europe in just a few weeks! Being South Africans we’re currently going through the arduous task of applying for visas. Both the UK and Schengen (Eurozone) visas! But more on the experience once we have, hopefully, put that experience […]

Introduction : Why Eish Travel?

Roy & Nikki

Welcome Eish Travel, the corner of the internet that will be chronicling Nikki & Roy’s travel experiences. We hope that you will stick around and read through our blog entries and/or subscribe to follow us on our journey. To our friends ‘tuning in’ we hope you enjoy and we don’t make you too envious. Maybe just […]