Steps, steps and more steps

Today we slept until 9:00 but that was only 8 hours of sleep. I woke up tired and for a 4 star hotel was very disappointed with breakfast. The bacon was over cooked, the egg wasn’t great and the corn flakes were weird. Afterwards we got ready and were told we will be out from 10:00 to 5:00.

We walked around the streets of beautiful Prague and arrived at a busy street where we were allowed to pop into the souvenir shops. We all gathered around the clock in the square to watch something cool. From our angle though it was very disappointing. At about 12:00 we moved onto lunch. Today was KFC which was nice. KFC also had a refill where you can keep refilling your cup which was nice as it was very hot today.

After lunch and drinks we walked up many steps to get to the castle and cathedral. There we met our tour guide for a three hour tour. There was a gorgeous view from the top. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable but we were all tired so that didn’t really help. The cathedral we went into on the top of the hill was stunning and was built in the 14th century. Charles the 4th was buried in the cathedral which is really cool.

We then walked out of the castle where we saw the guards changing after their hour shift. There are two guards on watch. The shifts work that you on guard for an hour and then you get 2 hours break. From the hill you can see a tower. This tower was built when Czech was poor and France built the Eiffel Tower. If you stand on the platform at the top you will be 20m higher above sea level than the Eiffel Tower.

We walked down again and stopped for a well deserved drink. I had a chocolate milkshake. We then carried on and saw fake Venice. Houses built by a river/creek. We the passed the main river which actually flows through Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and now Czech Republic. At the end we saw the statue of Charles the 4th.

One thing that has struck me is how many people are getting married. We have seen so many bachelorette and bachelor parties and actual brides in their dresses. It’s clearly the time to have it. After the bridge we moved our way back to the square to watch the clock performance again. This time from a much better angle. So a skeleton pulls a string and rings the bell. While this is happening the twelve apostles appear in the windows. 6 in one window and the other 6 in the other one. This performance happens on every hour.

After this we met up with our main tour guide and headed home for a much needed rest. We then chilled until we needed to go to supper. Tonight was apparently horse. Thank goodness I only heard that after I had eaten. Tonight I really wanted to chill so I stayed with the young ones while the old ones went shopping. Tomorrow WP tennis are doing our own thing so will be interesting to see what we are doing. What a day, more than 20 000 steps so a good nights sleep is needed. It’s bye for now!

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  1. Aurette Sneyders says: Reply

    I really enjoyed reading your blog today. Your script was on the humorous side and I enjoyed many chuckles. You achieved a high steps count which you can brag about especially in that heat. Keep yourself hydrated and enjoy your last day tomorrow xxxx

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