Bratislava-Prague (5th)

Today we leave for Prague and on our way we are going to play a tennis tournament. We left the awesome hotel although our room air conditioner was not working. We left in high spirits knowing that today’s tennis is meant to be better than last time. We arrived after about an hours drive and were welcomed to a much better club. There are flags and 4 courts. The club is also sponsored by Head. I played 1 and sadly had a very bad day of tennis. The opponents were much better than last time for sure. The first match I played i was broken in my first service game and couldn’t break back so lost 6-3. Overall was very pleased with that match. The next match I was 2-1 up and then lost the match 6-2. Was very disappointed with myself because I was playing well and then fell away. Chadley and I played doubles and were 2-0 and lost 4-2. Doubles was only a short set, so overall was a bad day for me but I think we drew. If you include doubles we won. That was reassuring to hear for me.

We then travelled the last 3 hours and stopped once where I bought an ice cream. We then arrived in beautiful Prague. The architecture, just like all the previous countries is just utterly amazing. We somehow kept the same people in our room. This time we have two rooms in a room. I am on a fold out on my own and the other two are sharing a double bed. I prefer my option!! We did a short walk to check out the city and saw an amazing fountain. Media is uploading so will try later. It’s bye for now!

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  1. Aurette Sneyders says: Reply

    Thanks for sharing another great update. Forget the tennis result. Remember you win some and you lose some. Most important you played. You have had such a fantastic experience the past 10 days. Keep on enjoying yourself xxxx Treat yourself to another Gelato ……

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