Beautiful Venice

The Grand Canal

Over 20 000 steps later, I think it is safe to say we explored Venice. We started with a walking tour looking at the little bridges with history like the one they used to fight on and the only wooden bridge in Venice (Ponte dell’Accademia) which crosses near the southern end of the Grand Canal. […]

Goodbye Rome, Hello Venice

Today was spent mostly on the bus. After breakfast at the hotel we set off for the long journey to Venice. We had stops along the way but it did take all day to get here. We stopped at Verona and marveled at the wonderful arena in the centre of Verona. This is the second […]

Day 3

Yesterday it was really nice to have a bit of a relaxing morning before packing my bags heading to my hotel for the start of my Topdeck tour. The roads in Rome are a very scary place. There are very few road markings and people seem to do what they like. For the last 2 […]

The adventure begins…

What an amazing 2 days in Rome so far. Yesterday was a day of exploring. After a long 22 hour flight to Rome from Cape Town, I found my accommodation and had a much needed shower and nap. I then set to the streets. I spent nearly 3 hours just walking around, looking at the […]