Getting to know Venice

We managed to get a late start to our second day in Venice. Taking a slow stroll, enjoying some coffee and orange juice before joining Anna, our guide for an awesome walking tour around lesser known areas in Venice. We highly recommend Venice Free Walking Tours  and Anna in particular. She even gave us some tips and pearls of wisdom we’ll use for the rest of our stay.

A scene from the walk. Venice is so photogenic.

The Church of Santa Maria Dei Gesuiti

The magnificent interior. The Jesuits shipped in tons of marble to decorate it.

Ponte de Child, the last bridge in Venice with no railing of any kind.

The world’s oldest pawn shop – Jewish Ghetto

Later in the evening we strolled down to Piazza San Marco and seeing that the line wasn’t too long we decided to go up the Campanile of St Mark’s church. And again we’re awestruck by a city’s views.

San Giorgio Maggiore

An ice cream pic to end the day

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