Paradise found

I was up bright and early this morning for my second bike tour. I enjoyed a delicious caramel and banana waffel before we got started. We headed out just before 9am, towards Palace of Versailles.

Once there we got on our bikes and headed off.  On our way we first stopped at an amazing food market to gather items for our picnic. There are so many stalls to go to and they all sell fresh organic produce. I also grabbed 2 crepes from a vendor. One Nutella and one salted caramel which he makes himself. The were absolutely devine.

Our first stop was started Mary Antoinette’s estate. The gardens around the building are beautiful.

We also walked round to Hameau de la Reine which is what she built for when she wanted to be like a peasant. Having said that if a peasant was living like this he would have been more than happy. The buildings are so beautiful and rustic and the little village to quaint, so not quite how peasants live.

After that we headed for The Grand Trianon. Also magnificent building.

After all that riding we were starving and ready for lunch. We enjoyed a typical French picnic – baguette, hams, cheeses and wine. To go with that delicious lunch we had a beautiful view of the Grand Canal! So peaceful and calming.

We then headed back and entered the main Chateau. There was so much to look at. Each room with its on unique artwork, sculptures and design. Most of the furniture is not the originals but they are trying to locate and bring back as much as they can.

It was a really long day out. I was exhausted. I caught the train back to Paris and headed for a much needed supper.

It was off to bed after that ready for my last day tomorrow. Au revoir!

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  1. Aurette Sneyders says: Reply

    What an enjoyable day you had. Such fun to cycle around. The food you buy looks so delicious. I love that full pic of you. Enjoy today. Totsiens xxxx

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