It’s getting real : Europe 2017

As the big date approaches, things have become very real, we’re going to be travelling to Europe in just a few weeks!

Being South Africans we’re currently going through the arduous task of applying for visas. Both the UK and Schengen (Eurozone) visas! But more on the experience once we have, hopefully, put that experience behind us, but is fair to say that this process requires way to many dead trees. When can the first world discover the joys and efficiencies that can be gained from going paperless.

So an introduction to where we will be travelling in July…

Nikki is a teacher at a local primary school so for better or for worse, we can only travel during school holidays. In South Africa we have two longer school holidays. Our summer (year-end) break falls somewhere between the middle of December to the 2nd-ish week of January. The winter break is a standard three week holiday at the beginning of July. We’re be using the latter for our Europe trip this year.

After much discussions and planning, given that this is our first overseas trip together and Nikki first ever venture beyond the borders of South Africa we have decided to focus on three ‘must see’ European cities. The hope is that once done, the travel bug will bite and this experience will be the building block for future expeditions across Europe and other continents.

So which three cities did we choose? London, Paris & Venice. Three cities, three countries, three weeks.


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