Australian Open 2021 Jared  

Australian Open – The final day

What a start to the year it has been. I just want thank all the teams that entered for my first fantasy league event! It was hopefully loads of fun and their were a lot of twists and turns along the way. Congratulations to Novak Djokovic for winning his eighteenth grand slam and his ninth Australian Open and he continues his record of never losing an Australian Open final. Well done to Medvedev as well. The form he has shown in the last few months, shows us ,the fans, that he is definitely one to watch and I’m sure he will win a grand slam soon enough.

On to the leaderboard. “Guys and Dolls” lead for 7 days in a row but sadly the second week was not their week and they only ended up in a joint 5th with “Pits of the World”. A late surge at the end meant that “Aud’s Awesome Ozzie Team” came in a very impressive 4th place. “Nils Nyback” picked both the ladies and the men’s winner and he manages to get a podium spot. He came in third with 136 points. The two teams at the top though were in a different league altogether. A enormous 29 points separate 3rd and second…well done to “TJ Squared” who narrowly missed out on the win but come home in an impressive 2nd and walk away with a prize of R250. “Team Q”…what a time to take the lead. The waited and waited for their opportunity and on Day 12 they took the lead for the very first time. From there they couldn’t be beaten because they picked both the ladies and the men’s winner. They will walk away with the grand prize of R1000!!! A very impressive performance indeed. I also want to congratulate “Don H 1”, “Meadow Maulers”, “Top Spin”, “FD Fantastics”, “Ann Bennets”, “Barnard’s Pick” and “Gavin Bell” who managed to have both Osaka and Djokovic in their teams. The wooden spoon sadly has to go to someone and that someone was “Forehand Winners”. I know he is excited to hit back at the French Open. I’m going to post the final leaderboard now and underneath it I will post who all the teams belonged to. I will also be posting the dream Team which is the team that would’ve scored you the most points.

Congratulations to “Team Q” for winning the R1000 and to “TJ Squared” who won R250.

Team Q and TJ Squared – Karen Hodsdon

Aud’s Awesome Ozzie Team and Aud’s Djokovators – Audrey Hugo

Guys and Dolls – Gillian Clegg

Pits of the World – Ian Wilson

Don H 1 and Don H 2 – Don Hugo

Meadow Maulers – Craig Lawrence

RF – Johan Botha

Top Spin – Mary Doyle

FD Fantastics – Frikkie Pieters

Downtown Ronnie – Ron Lamb (UK)

Granny Poo’s Team – Pauline Dwyer

Lorna’s Leaderboard – Lorna Forbes

Barnard’s Pick – Johann Barnard

Perfect Pam – Pam Lamb (UK)

Super Steve – Steve Berry

AO Tennis Balls – Roxanne Elliot

Cyclone – Jim Doyle

East Griqualanders – Mark Delbridge

The Tennis Addict – Aurette Sneyders

Hazel’s team – Hazel Waldron

Kick my Ace – Nicky Healy

Dominators – Des Agliotti

Backhand Winners – Charmaine Reilly

The real Team – Gerald Clark

Phenomonadal – Nikki Godfrey

Jono’s Dream Team – Jono Kruger

Pats Pick – Pat vd Munckhof

The Racketeers – Isabella van Zyl

Dream Team – Catherine Parker

Forehand Winners – Sean Reilly

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