Fun in the sun

Started today bright and early once again. Went to practice again and this time it was better because I was used to it. Today we used the subway to get to practice. This was a great experience and was much quicker than the tram. To get underground you go down a steep elevator. It feels like you defying the laws of gravity.It also is so efficient and always on time.

Today was very hot, think it reached a high of 32 degrees. We came back and freshened up. We then went onto the red bus tour to hero square again. This time it was to do paddle boats in the river nearby. This was actually pretty fun and a workout.

After that we hopped back onto the bus and drove around for a very long time. The parents wanted to watch the Bloemhoef orchestra so we had to be back by 18:30. This meant that we didn’t do the bike tour that we had planned. We went onto Margaret island which is between Buda and Pest. No cars are allowed on the island, only buses and tour bikes. On the island we were starving so the older kids walked to McDonald’s for some lunch. We then watched a cool fountain display. This was spectacular!



After the display, we walked to find the cathedral. We managed to find the cathedral and were able to watch the orchestral. My friends and I stayed by the door and were doorman. We then walked to the same restaurant that we went to on the first day for dinner. This time it was chicken and potato wedges. This was delicious! For dessert we had a Hungarian dessert but I have no idea because it was pre-ordered. The six older kids then walked around the city to experience the night life. We stayed up late because tomorrow is a travel day to Vienna and then to Bratislava. Sorry about the delayed post. It’s bye for now!

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  1. Aurette Sneyders says: Reply

    The main thing is that there is a post. There are people here who wait for your next episode. Lovely to read as all so interesting and descriptive. Thanks Jared. Until next time xx

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