My journey has begun

Thursday started very slowly because my flight only left at 18:30. I was so relieved to get past passport control and get on the plane. I was originally seated between two parents. They wanted to sit with their daughter so I managed to score a window seat to Dubai.

The flight to Dubai was good. I sat next to lovely, friendly people and ate pretty much all the food that was given. I sadly really struggled to sleep on the plane so only managed about an hour.

Lovely sunrise entering Dubai. It was so hot at 05:00. Couldn’t believe how humid it was.

Landed in Dubai and had a 1 hour 30 min lay over. The second flight I sat in the seat that was allocated but struggled with some on and off tummy cramps. The shorter flight from Dubai to Budapest felt much longer and I slept through a movie which was good There was a long line for passports in Budapest and when I finally got to the front, I was delayed even more when the computer of the man that was helping me switched off and I had to wait.

We arrived at our hotel and set off for a very short orientation walk. We went to supper at an authentic Hungarian restaurant and had an organized main and dessert (pancakes which weren’t fantastic).

We ended a jam packed one and a half days playing basketball with a Hungarian family which were on the courts when we walked past.

After a fun, busy day, I desperately need a good nights sleep tonight. This means it’s bye for now!

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  1. Aurette Sneyders says: Reply

    Hey Jared, thanks for sharing the first part of your exciting adventure. You seem to be enjoying all the “eats” on offer. Can’t wait to follow you as the days go on ……. totsiens xx

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