From Caves to Castles

After a good sleep we were rearing to go for our drive to Ljubljana, Slovenia. It was a bit of a cloudy morning and before long it started to rain.

On the way we stopped at Postojna Caves. You take a 10 minute open train into the caves and then spend 1 hour walking though the caves before taking the open train out again. The caves are huge and so beautiful. From spaghetti stalactites, to large column stalagmites and flowstones – which look a bit like a curtain. At the end they had this massive cave where they sometimes have live musical performances. Walking through the caves was so magical. It has taken years and years of water dripping to form the caves we see today – 100 years for 1 cm of growth. They also have these little fish that live in the river of the cave called Human Fish. Human because they live up to 100 years and fish as they live in the water. They look kind of like a lizard with four arms and a tail. They can live up to 10 years without food which is incredible. By the time we came out the caves the sun was shining which was great!

After marveling at the caves we headed for Ljubljana. We are staying at a beautiful hotel just outside the main city. We took the bus in and did a short orientation of the main attractions. The first one we crossed was the dragon bridge with 2 dragons on each side guarding the bridge.

As we walked down the quirky little streets, we passed the Ljubljana Cathedral. The doors entering the cathedral were designed to celebrate the late Pope John Pail II’s visit. The doors have the heads of popes protruding out of it. They were really impressive.

There is a group of 3 bridges called the Triple Bridge that crosses over the Ljubljana river. Today there was a guy with a contraption that made many bubbles and had the kids, and a few of us, chasing to catch them. The city has a really lovely vibe to it and is really family oriented which is nice.

After that we took a Funicular up to the Ljubljana Castle, which is high up on castle hill. It was so interesting reading the history about the castle. The views from around the castle are amazing. We then took the long walk up many steps to get to the top of the bell tower which was incredible. You have a 360° view of Ljubljana from up there. It was just breathtaking. There was also a chapel inside the castle with a wonderfully painted ceiling.

For dinner we stopped at a burger bar along the river. I enjoyed a tasty fish and chips while others enjoyed the delicious burgers. It was so relaxing and beautiful to sit along the river and watching the people go by. We couldn’t end the day without stopping for gelato. We found this amazing gelato place called Vigo. Probably the best I have eaten so far. It was so creamy and delicious. I highly recommend it.

We only have the one night here and head for Salzburg tomorrow. Nasvidenje!

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    Oh so beautiful and descriptive. I love catching up every morning. Enjoy !! Lol xxxx

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