Sunny Pula

Today we said goodbye to Venice and headed for sunny Pula, Croatia. After a long stop at the Slovenia and Croatian border we eventually crossed over in to Croatia. The scenery on the way to the Pula was just beautiful. It was so green with many vineyards. The drive today was really easy and not long at all. We managed to arrive at our hotel before 2pm.

After checking in and freshening up I set off for a short walking tour of Pula. We started at the Pula Arena. It is one of the 6 largest remaining Roman arenas in the world. It is also the only remaining amphitheatre to have 4 side towers with all 3 Roman architectural orders preserved. We were able to go inside and admire the building from the stadium floor as if we were gladiators. It is just magnificent and so well preserved.

We then took walk up to the highest point in Pula to admire the fantastic views. It was just beautiful up there with a whole view of Pula and its harbour. There you also find the Venetian Fortress with its many cannons guarding outside.

We also had a look at the Temple of Augustus and Arch of the Sergii before taking a wander through the little shops and a stop for gelato of course. I am loving how close everything is and being able to walk everywhere.

I then took a lovely walk down to the pebble beach right by our hotel. Absolutely stunning. It had a great view and it was just so relaxing to sit and listen to waves lapping up against the shore softly.

Supper this evening was a buffet organized by the hotel. It was such a treat to be able to enjoy some vegetables for a change! And what better way to end off the evening than with a lovey cocktail by the pool.

Looking forward to having a chilled day by the sea and pool tomorrow! Dovidenja!

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  1. Aurette Sneyders says: Reply

    Thank you for sharing. Pics and description is awesome. What an amazing trip for you to ENJOYxxxx

  2. Ronel Godfrey-Steadman says: Reply

    Loving your updates x

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