Cape Town to London 

We’re on our way.

In theory a 5pm flight to Europe is perfect you get a full day to pack, ‘supper’ on the plane and a good night’s sleep… Unless you don’t sleep.

The 10 hour flight to Istanbul was smooth and not too long. For us newbies Ataturk airport was quite an experience.  It’s a massive terminus and it serves thousands of people. And they are all seemingly going in different directions. A great test for the weeks to come.

At 4 or 5 or was it 6? Tired brains and three time zones to account for had us a little confused, the connecting flight was a tough ask. .. And the flight was late.

But all this was so worth it.  Karin is such an awesome host. She has gone out of her way to make us feel at home, get our bearings and even keep us sustained with a gourmet dinner.  Thanks to her, we even managed a short walk down the Thames to a bustling Kingston-on-Thames to get our first experience of London life.

Roll on day 2, we’re coming to get you.

The sun setting over Robben Island as we say goodbye to Cape Town
A final selfie before take-off
Kingston-on-Thames on a Sunday

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