Wimbledon 2021 Jared  

Wimbledon – Men’s Final

The last day of Wimbledon – Day 14. It was also the day of the men’s final which was between Djokovic and Berrettini. The pair came out to a packed stadium and the atmosphere felt electric – even from the TV. Both players were very nervy at the beginning of the final. Djokovic served 3 double faults in 2 games but Berrettini couldn’t capitalize because he was equally as nervous. Djokovic was the first to strike at 2-1 up in the 1st set. He held to give himself a 4-1 lead. Both players held again and the score was 5-2, Berrettini serving to stay in the 1st set. A 10 minute service game from Berrettini was a momentum changer. Berrettini managed to eventually come through the 10 minute game and he forced Djokovic to serve for the 1st set. Djokovic dealing with his own nerves couldn’t serve out the set and we were back on serve at 5-4. Berrettini held and he was back in the set at 5-5. The 1st set eventually went to a tiebreak. Berrettini managed to take the tiebreak 7-4 and was one set up in his first grand slam final. Djokovic reset at the beginning of the 2nd set and broke the Berrettini serve immediately. He then managed to break it again and he led 4-0 in the 2nd set. 2 holds of serve and Berrettini was serving at 1-5 in the 2nd set. Just as you started to think that the set was over, Berrettini hit back. He held serve twice and broke once to make it 5-4. Could Djokovic hold serve this time round. Thankfully for the Djokovic supporters, he looked more composed and served a love game to take the 2nd set and tie the match up at 1 set all. Once again just like the previous 2 sets, Djokovic was the first to strike in the 3rd. Djokovic held the 1 break for the entire set and he was now just 1 set away from 20 grand slam titles. The 4th set was tightly contested as both players held serve for the first 6 games of the set. Berrettini handed the break to Djokovic with a double fault. Djokovic then held serve to make it 5-3. Berrettini had to hold serve and force Djokovic to serve it out. Sadly he couldn’t do just that. He managed to fend off the first 2 championship points but the 3rd one was the one that made Djokovic the 2021 Wimbledon Men’s Champion.

With Wimbledon coming to an end, the fantasy tournament has finished. The Prize Winners for Wimbledon:

  • 1st Place – Anyone for Tea (280 points) – R1000
  • 2nd Place – Hotshot (266 points) – R600
  • 3rd Place – Stentastics (264 points) – R300
  • 4th Place – 2nd Choice (258 points) – R200
  • 5th Place – Cream of the Court (255 points) – R100
  • The Floating Wooden Spoon – Patience

What do the Colours mean?

  • Purple – Teams that picked both of the singles champions
  • Yellow – Teams that picked either the Men’s champion or the Ladies Champion. (Not Both)
  • Red – Teams that picked none of the Champions
The Top Half
The Bottom Half

Well done to all the teams that participated. It was amazing to see 75 teams entered. I hope that everyone enjoyed! Keep an eye on the tournaments leading up to the US Open so you can pick the best possible team.

Results on Day 14:

  • Djokovic(1) beat Berrettini(7) – 6-7(4); 6-4; 6-4; 6-3

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