Roland Garros 2021 Jared  

Fun Facts!

This will be my last post to wrap up the French Open. Here are some fun facts for Jared’s Fantasy Tennis League – Roland Garros edition.

Firstly lets start off with the best possible team you could’ve picked. The best team possible would’ve scored you 346 points which is 112 points more than what our winner ‘Oh My Hat’ scored.

The best team of males that was picked belonged to High Aces – Jess Schilz. Her males managed to score a total of 146 points.

High Aces team of Males

The best team of females was picked by 2nd placed – Lorna Forbes. Her females managed to score a whopping 151 points. She had all the ladies in the dream team besides Pavlyuchenkova. Great picks from Lorna!

The worst team of males belonged to Frogs First. Their males only managing to score a total of 55 points.

The worst team of females belonged to High Aces. Their females only managing to score a total of 6 points.

The best 5 male picks were:

  1. Djokovic – 60 points
  2. Tsitsipas – 47 points
  3. Zverev – 46 points
  4. Nadal – 42 points
  5. Schwartzman – 30 points

The best 5 ladies picks were:

  1. Krejcikova – 69 points
  2. Pavlyuchenkova – 48 points
  3. Sakkari – 39 points
  4. Swiatek – 33 points
  5. Rybakina – 31 points

All the men’s and ladies picks and their points.

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