Tournament day!

Late night and an early start didn’t help. We started today with breakfast and then we went to the national Slovak sports center. This was a very eye opening experience. We sat in a hall with the hall of fame which was cool. Knew most of the recent winners which was cool. The place we were at is where the Slovakian open is held and Davis cup ties. Nadal and Djokovic have played on the court and I was able to stand on it which was cool. The court has a roof that opens and closes, it can change to clay court when needed and it has Hawkeye. We then moved to the outside where there are 12 clay courts, Ice rink and a gym and park. This was dream land. We watched a player that won the junior Australian open 2 years ago.

Afterwards we had lunch which was Subway again and we left for the tournament. We arrived and immediately saw very young kids. This was our opponents. The older boys ,which was 4 of us, and their coach and another boy were in a knockout draw with back draws. My first match was against the coach and even he was very poor. I won easily. I then played a Western Province boy and won. The final was against Chadley my good friend and I won. What was cool was that we received medals afterwards. I know the tennis was poor which was disappointing but I can still say I’ve won a tournament overseas. We had pizza at the club and headed home. We went souvenir shopping and I had my first Gelato today which was delicious.

We have a nice chilled day tomorrow which is nice. It’s bye for now! Ps I will probably add more pictures in the morning.

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  1. Aurette Sneyders says: Reply

    Well done on your tennis achievement. What an experience for you. You must be so chuffed Jared. I see you were rewarded with a delicious Gelato – yummy yummy. Until next time. Totsiens xx

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