Full day in Bratislava

Overslept this morning which isn’t the best. We were messaged that we needed to be down at 9:15 to sign something but we were sleeping and only woke up at 9:00. This meant we had to get ready in 15min and had another 15min before we left. Luckily all was good and we left on time for our first practice in Bratislava. This practice was 2 hours which meant for the first time we would play full court. This felt weird which means that hopefully I play alright in the tournament tomorrow. We managed to play a mini tournament which meant we actually played 3 hours not two. On our way to the courts we passed the president palace. We saw the guards outside. Later we discovered that the flag on top means the president is in town and the guards outside mean that the president is inside the building. Slovakia has a women president as well.

We then showered and went on a walking tour. It was just the tennis kids today which was really nice. There was a building which had angel Micheal fighting a dragon. This dragon has wings because it’s a bad dragon whereas in China they have good dragons which have no wings.

We then passed the smallest street which is pretty small and very cute. We then moved onto another street which had a cannon ball in the wall. Napoleon fired 400 cannon balls and destroyed 600 houses. The locals didn’t want to pay for the damage so they had to prove that the houses were damaged by cannon balls. To prove it, they placed cannon balls in the walls. There are many places that you can find cannon balls in the city.

Mozart was 6 years old when they announced that he was a prodigy. Frantz Ligt was 9 years old when he was asked to play in front of the rich people of the town.

We passed a cathedral which had a big crown at the top. They had to take off the pure gold one because it would’ve been stolen so now it’s a replica. The Slovakian people had to speak three languages: German, Slovak and another language I can’t remember. We saw the bridge and the river. On the bridge there’s a tower with a restaurant inside.

There’s a statue of a worker man in a sewage pipe. It is claimed that if you touch his head you get good luck and if you touch his nose you will have a kid. Lunch was the most delicious sandwich from subway.

We ended the day watching Lloyd vs Federer and then some shopping and supper. Same restaurant as last night. What a busy day. Tournament tomorrow so need some good luck. It’s bye for now!

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    Thanks Jared, So interesting to read. Lovely pics too. Enjoy !! Totsiens xx

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