Today we were able to wake up an hour later which was nice. We had our last breakfast in Budapest which was sad but also exciting. We packed our bags and hopped into our bus which would take us to Bratislava through Vienna. On our way to Vienna which is about 5 hours, we got stuck in a standstill. People were getting out their cars and nobody was moving. Once the cars started moving we didn’t stop again. I don’t know why we stopped, but it did delay us by 30min. We then arrived in Vienna which was beautiful. We quickly stopped at McDonald’s for lunch and then went on our way for a walking tour. Austria was founded by Charles the Great. The Hungarians then started 100s of wars. After these wars were over in 1976, Austria was founded again because it was so destroyed.

There were some lovely cute little streets like these all through our tour. On these streets, there were always cute little cafes as well.

This building was a building that was used by Mark Twain. He became very rich here in this very house. After Mark Twain’s building we walked past more interesting buildings and moved our way to the second oldest cathedral. This was so amazing! There was so much gold and this was breathtaking. So far all the countries are very Christian.

After the tour which was lovely we moved on and went to Bratislava. We, the three guys, somehow managed to stay together. We stayed up late and then went to bed. This is bye for now!

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  1. Aurette Sneyders says: Reply

    Thanks Jared. Again lovely to read. Enjoy your time in Bratislavia xxxx

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