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Roland Garros – Men’s Final and Wrap-Up

The 2024 edition of Roland Garros has ended and what a way to end. A 5-set thriller in the men’s final! Congratulations to Carlos Alcaraz who won his 3rd grand slam final which means he still has a perfect grand slam final record. He has now also won a grand slam on 3 different surfaces which is amazing and just needs to win the Australian Open to complete a career grand slam. Zverev had an amazing tournament and treated us to a great final. He misses out yet again in a 5-set grand slam final however I am sure he will get over the line sometime before his career ends. It is crazy to think that just 2 years ago he had that horrific injury on the very court he nearly won a grand slam on.

Alcaraz started off the better of the 2 players which is understandable considering he was going into the match having won 2 grand slam finals and Zverev having not won one yet. The Spaniard taking the set 6-3. However after that it was all Zverev. The German playing much better tennis and he took the 2nd set to level the match 6-2. The 3rd set was riddled with errors from both players. Alcaraz took the break and led 5-2 before Zverev managed to win 5 games in a row to take the 3rd set 7-5 and be just 1 set away from grand slam glory. Unfortunately however this is when the nerves really started to kick in for Zverev as his serve deserted him and his overall game was not as tight as it was in the previous 3 sets. Alcaraz did not play his best tennis either in the 4th set yet the scoreline was 6-1 in the Spaniards favour. The final set was always going to be nervy and after watching the 4th set, you just felt that Alcaraz had the edge because he had done this before and come out the winner. Both players held to begin the set before Alcaraz broke comfortably to lead 2-1. The 4th game of the 5th set was the game to decide the match as Alcaraz found himself 0-40 down and so nearly served a double fault at 15-40. This call rattled Zverev and Alcaraz went on to save all 4 break points in that game to hold and lead 3-1. Zverev held his next service game and that ended up being the last game he won as the Spaniard won the set 6-2 to become the 2024 Roland Garros Champion.

Now all eyes turn to Wimbledon to see if he can defend what was an amazing title win in 2023.

Now onto the long awaited leaderboard.

In 1st place is none other than ‘Pam the Slam’. She has led the way for the majority if not the whole tournament and in the end won by a huge margin of 19 points. Pam will walk away with the Grand Prize of R1200.

In 2nd Place is ‘Hawks Hacks’. He left it late but managed to have both Zverev and Alcaraz so scored a lovely 24 points on the last day to move himself up from 4th into 2nd place. Fun Fact -> He was the very first team entered in this years Roland Garros fantasy league. Just amazing, didn’t know the draw but came up with the 2nd best team. A great tournament and for his efforts he will take home R500.

In 3rd Place is ‘Eeny Meeny’. He made his move in the ladies final because he amazingly had both ladies finalists but unfortunately he could not hold onto 2nd place as the 8 points from Zverev meant the Hawks Hacks pipped them in the end. Only 4 points separated 2nd and 3rd. He will be taking home a lovely prize of R350 for a well deserved 3rd place.

In 4th Place is ‘Jaden’s Team’. He was sitting in 2nd for the majority of the competition but unfortunately Djokovic pulled out in the quarter-finals and he was 1 of the few in the top half of the table that picked the Serbian. After this his margin in 2nd decreased and he unfortunately had to settle for 4th. Still a nice R250 coming his way.

In 5th place was ‘Sinner’s Injuries’. I am still in disbelief how many time I have to give a prize to this team. It seems like all grand slams their picks just come off. Another great performance bagging them a nice R150.

There was a joint 6th place between ‘Egalite and Clayphoria’. Both teams had a great tournament. ‘Egalite’ managed to have Paolini as her sub which boosted her up the leaderboard in the latter stages while ‘Clayphoria’ picked Moutet who scored her mega points at the beginning of the tournament and helping her to a well deserved 6th place. They will be sharing 6th and 7th place prizes meaning that they will each get R75 (R150/2).

Just a reminder that our wooden spoon winner was ‘Wild Cards’. Congratulations to them.

Well done to each and every one of you. I think this grand slam was the best picked in the sense that there is a lot of Blue names on the leaderboard as many of you picked both winners. Thank you all for entering and supporting. Now there is a quick turnaround as Wimbledon is just a short 2/3 weeks away.

The full leaderboard is below:
Blue: Means the team picked both the men’s and ladies winners (Alcaraz and Swiatek)
Yellow: Means the team picked either the men’s or ladies winner.
Red: The team did not have any of the eventual winners.

Top Half
Bottom Half

Men’s Final Result

  • Alcaraz(3) beat Zverev(4) – 6-3; 2-6; 5-7; 6-1; 6-2

The winning team was ‘Pam the Slam’. I am sure you all are intrigued at who she picked.
She also ended with the Best Team of Males.

Best Team

The Best Team of Ladies went to 3rd placed Eeny Meeny.

Best Team of Ladies – Eeny Meeny

The Best Team Possible – The Dream Team

Dream Team

Some Special Mentions not in the dream team

  • Sinner – 38 points
  • Ruud – 37 points
  • Tsitsipas – 28 points
  • Arnaldi – 26 points

  • Sabalenka – 32 points
  • Vondrousova – 28 points
  • Rybakina – 26 points

Can’t wait to see all you for Wimbledon!

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